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Drug discovery is a design problem. Chemists spend hours each week combining experimental data with their own intuition to design molecules that they believe will be potent against a biological target, absorb well into the body, and be non-toxic. This effort takes years to succeed and costs millions of dollars. Chemical space is vast, and biology is complicated.

At Inductive Bio, our goal is to build software that can dramatically improve how molecules are designed. To do so, we are building a Figma-like platform, backed by state-of-the-art AI, that allows teams to collaborate effectively on this challenging design problem. Ultimately, if we are successful, we believe that this software, combined with the right scientific expertise, can give broad access to technology that can cut years off the time it takes drugs to enter the clinic.

We’ve raised a seed round from a16z, Lux, Character, and other top investors at the intersection of tech and bio, have exciting early traction, and are looking for our next software engineering hire: an entrepreneurial engineer who will join our founding team, help lay the foundation of our technology, and grow with the company.

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The salary range for this role is $140k-$200k with 0.1%-1.0% equity. Inductive Bio is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

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